Greenhouse FAQ's

Q Which Glazing Option Do I Choose

A. The type of glazing option you choose is dependent on your own specific circumstances and budget. please read our useful guide to greenhouse glazing options

Q Cannot fit Glazing Clips

A Hold middle of Glazing Clip in thumb and forefinger of left/right hand, locate one end under flange of Glazing Bar etc and press down and locate other end under flange as before. – Ensure the middle of the Glazing clip rests on the top of the glass.
Be careful as clips under tension will fly if not located correctly. Safety glasses are recommended.

Q Cannot fit Glazing Channel

A Locate the ‘u’ onto upstand, hold with thumb of one hand and with other hand pass channel through hand at the same time pressing channel onto upstand. If Glazing Channel seems stiff then place in a bucket of warm water – this makes it more pliable and easier to fit.