Juliana Lean-To 1014

Juliana Lean-To 1014

Product description

Width : 439cm | Length : 293cm | Height : 259 cm (ridge including 12cm base)

Juliana Lean-To 1014

Juliana Lean-To is a new 2015 product being launched in three sizes: 4.4m², 9.8m² and 12.9m², and is available in aluminium/ black and grey/black.

The range is available with 3 mm safety glass for the sides and 10 mm pearl-white polycarbonate sheeting for the roof.

The double stable doors in the front provide a distinctive appearance as well as wide, unimpeded access to the greenhouse, and the generous height creates a superb sensation of space in the greenhouse. A newly developed side window is included to provide the necessary ventilation.

6,6 M2


Juliana Lean-To 1014Juliana Lean-To 1014Juliana Lean-To 1014
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