'Halls' Silverline Lean To 6ft

'Halls' Silverline Lean To 6ft

Product description

Width : 1950mm | Length : Variable | Height : 2350mm


The Halls Silverline range of 6ft lean-to greenhouses are perfect for people that want something a little be different than the normal type of lean-to greenhouse. The structure comes in natural aluminium as standard or for a small additional amount, why not get it powder coated aluminium to blend in with the garden surroundings.

The lean-to has a sliding door in the gable end (either) and comes with an integrated gutter and downpipe. As with all Greenhouse Bonanza greenhouses, the structure can be placed onto a steel base for ease of construction and an extra 4in’s.

This greenhouse is only supplied with TOUGHENED glass

'Halls' Silverline Lean To 6ft
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Only £770.00