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The Greenhouse Bonanza team have a wealth of experience in the greenhouse market and we are here to guide you every step of the way to get the right building to suit your requirements.

We are proud to offer a wide range of Greenhouses and accessories from all the leading manufacturers including Halls & Eden. The models we supply come in many sizes, shapes and materials ranging from Small greenhouses and Lean-to greenhouse models over medium-sized Greenhouses to larger structures for the most avid gardener. We aim to be the best by offering superior quality products - and we are offering our very best advice on what is the right solution for you, at the right price to suit your specific requirements.


Greenhouse Bonanza aim to deliver new and exiting offers every month! In the Featured Products section on the home page we highlight any structures that offer the best value for money. We continuously offer great savings without compromising quality - and we are proud to offer Greenhouses at the lowest possible prices.

The products we sell are highest quality and meant to last - we only offer the most reliable and best designed brands available.
We welcome your feedback on our product range, web site, etc.if you think we can do better please, feel free to contact our team.



We do have a few exiting features in store for you - e.g. an exiting new newsletter to keep you updated on our upcoming blog with exiting articles and tips on Greenhouse keeping and Gardening from some of the leading Greenhouse experts in Britain.



The Greenhouse Bonanza Team